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Antistatic Wheels

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TP-100AS Portable Desoldering Self Contained Gun offring High Performance at an affordable price.

TP-200AS - Low Cost, High Performance Stationary Desoldering System with small footprint, vacuum 600 mm Hg, suitable for multi-layer boards.

SVS-500AS - Small footprint Solder/De-solder Station with precise temperature control, powerful desoldering gun and reliable, high vacuum pump.

RX-711 AS - Antistatic, Digital Soldering Stations RS-701AS - Excellent temperature stability, small foot print and unique, compact design. One of a kind, unique solutions to save the user valuable bench space.
PX-251AS - Variable Temperature Control with High Power PX-232/238/242 AS - The heater is automatically controlled by the heating load of the tip making it an excellent choice for soldering terminals and connectors.
YEX YEX Series - It is exclusively designed for removing PLCC devices from the PLCC sockets. It is available for 44 pins, 68 pins and 84 pins and removes IC's without damaging the PLCC device or a socket. KX Irons KX Irons - Economic general-purpose soldering irons
TQ-85 TQ Irons - Soldering irons with quick heat to reach the temperature to melt the solder by pressing the trigger at Hi position. Hi for heavy soldering, Low for precision soldering. CXG Iron CXG Irons - Long Life, high insulation and Low Leakage Current High Capacity Ceramic Heater
CXR Iron CXR Irons - A professional soldering iron equipped with a powerful ceramic heater
  • KYP-70 Dual Power Soldering Iron with Nichrome Heater
  • MCP-18 Low Voltage Soldering Iron
  • HE-60 Nylon Rope Cutter
  • HC-60 Hot Crimping Iron
  • HP-300 Soldering Irons for Sheet Metal
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