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Antistatic Wheels

SMT Rework, Soldering and ESD


X-KAR Brand of SMT Rework and Assembly Equipment

X-KAR™ Brand provides Rework/Repair and SMT Assembly Equipment for assembly and repair of PCB's with Surface Mount Technology Components.

Rework equipment handles all standard parts plus fine pitch QFP, BGA, CSP.


ZERO CHARGE™ Brand of ESD Accessories

Unique Static Protection items in addition to conventional and affordable Charge Prevention, Grounding and Shielding solutions

ESD Static

ESD Static

ESD Safe Products for Static Control, Cleanroom and Sanitary Maintenance Industries

ESD Static

Static Control Products & Antislip products


GOOT™ Brand Of Soldering Products

Solder / Desolder equipment offering superior and original design, quality and performance

Smart Tweezers

Smart Tweezers Professional High-Precision R-L-C Meter

SMD Pre-Calibrated Components Identifier in a Set of Tweezers

Fume Extractors Systems

Fume Extractors Systems


ACCURA™ Meters



Superior Screwdrivers and Bits - GiGa FiT and Aerobics

Years of careful analysis converted into superior tools.


Bomir Brand of Tools

Affordable hand tools and accessories simplifying your Electronics Assembly and Service and Repair tasks

Practical Components

Practical Components

Dummy Components and Test Boards

PVA PVA specializes in dispensing solutions for conformal coatings, solder pastes, single and dual-component potting compounds, bonding adhesives, and cyanoacrylates.
Vessel Vessel - Static Eraser Unit / Fan Type

AIM Solder Paste, Paste Flux, Cored Wire, and Solder Bar

AIM (American Iron Products) is the leader in Lead Free Soldering Alloys and Fluxes

MG Chemicals

MG Chemicals

M.G. Chemicals is a manufacturer of chemical products for the electronics industry.

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