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The fleXBGA® package incorporates the most advanced assembly processes and designs to offer the highest I/O density solutions for a wide range of applications. It utilizes a die-up, wirebonded configuration with a flexible circuit substrate and an over-molded body.

The fine line features of the tape substrate offer reduced conductor and wirebond finger pitch. The fleXBGA® has a near chip scale package (CSP) outline with ball pitches extendible from 1.0mm to 0.65mm.

fleXBGA Photo
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BGA Fine Pitch Kits
Part number I/O Count Pitch Body Size Ball Matrix Ball
Per Tray
.65mm Pitch            
A-fleXBGA232-.65mm-12mm* 232 .65mm 12mm 198
.8mm Pitch            
A-fleXBGA132-.8mm-12mm* 132 .8mm 12mm 14 x 14 Perimeter 198
A-fleXBGA144-.8mm-12mm* 144 .8mm 12mm 13 x 13 Perimeter 198
A-fleXBGA160-.8mm-12mm 160 .8mm 12mm 13 x 13 Perimeter 198
A-fleXBGA180-.8mm-12mm* 180 .8mm 12mm 14 x 14 Perimeter 198
A-fleXBGA208-.8mm-15mm* 208 .8mm 15mm 17 x 17 Perimeter 126
A-fleXBGA280-.8mm-16mm 280 .8mm 16mm 19 x 19 Perimeter 126
1.0mm Pitch            
A-fleXBGA196-1.0mm-15mm 196 1.0mm 15mm 14 x 14 Full Array 126
A-fleXBGA484-1.0mm-23mm* 484 1.0mm 23mm 22 x 22 Full Array 60
A-flexBGA672-1.0mm-27mm* 672 1.0mm 27mm 26 x 26 Full Array 40

See fleXBGA Cross-Section and Solder Information

  • * = DC Available.
  • Parts are packaged in JEDEC-trays when available.
  • Some components are available daisy-chained (please call for more details).
  • Solder ball material is Eutectic 63/37 SnPb.
  • 1.1mm mounted height for 1.0 and 0.8mm pitch.
  • 1.0mm mounted height for 0.65mm pitch.
  • Package substrate: Conductor Cu/Ni/Au Dielectric Polyimide.
  • 132 to 672 ball counts.
  • 12 to 27mm sq. body sizes.
  • JEDEC MO-195 outline (JEDEC standardization activity pending).
  • EDEC MO-216/A for 0.8mm pitch.
  • Lead-free parts are available.
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