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SSOP Small Shrink Outline Package

The SSOP package body size is compressed and the lead pitch is tightened to obtain a small version of the standard SOIC packages. Lead counts range from 8 to 64. Body sizes are 150, 209 and 300 mils. The SSOP package is JEDEC and EIAJ compliant. The package leads are solder plated.

Drawing Part Number Number
of Pins
Pitch Quantity
Per Tube
13" Reel
 Drawing SSOP8T-5.3mm 8 5.3mm .65mm 156 12mm 8mm 2,500
SSOP14T-5.3mm 14 5.3mm .65mm 100 16mm 12mm 1,000
SSOP16T-5.3mm* 16 5.3mm .65mm 80 16mm 12mm 1,000
SSOP20T-5.3mm 20 5.3mm .65mm 62 16mm 12mm 1,000
SSOP24T-5.3mm 24 5.3mm .65mm 66 16mm 12mm 1,000
SSOP28T-5.3mm 28 5.3mm .65mm 47 16/24mm 12mm 1,000
 Drawing SSOP48T-7.6mm 48 7.6mm 1.27mm 30 32mm 12/16mm 1,000
 Drawing SSOP56T-7.6mm 56 7.6mm 1.27mm 26 32mm 12/16mm 500
  SSOP64T-10.2mm 64 10.2mm .8mm 44mm 16/24mm 500

(*) Available as an ExposedPad™ SSOP Package by Amkor. ExposedPad™ can increase heat dissipation by as much as 110% over standard packages.

  • Tube quantity may vary.
  • Carrier tape is plastic.
  • 209 and 300 mil body sizes/
  • JEDEC and EIAJ package outline standard compliance.
  • High-conductivity copper leadframes.
  • Solder plate lead finish

SSOP Cross-Section Drawing

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