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ESD protection is not "Black Magic". By simply applying effective methods, materials and instrumentation you can save yourself large unexpected costs in both time and money. The cost will be save by reducing the number of production rejects, post shipment repairs and other repairs caused by electrostatic discharge. We can also offer Profesional and Effective advice along with the supply of the ESD supplys that you need

Grounding is the first line of defense for controlling static charges. People are the primary generators of static electricity. It is important to eliminate static charges from any person who may come in contact with ESD sensitive components or assemblies.

Personal grounding devices directly link an operator, and should be used in conjunction with an ESD protected work area.


  • Large Magnifier true glass 7,5’’ x 6.2” (19cm x 15.7cm) 5-diopter (2.25x)
  • 108 LED illumination points resulting in uniform soft light
  • ESD safe construction. Surface Resistance 10e5 – 10e7
  • No heavy ballast. Electronically controlled.
  • Offers distortion free viewing with both eyes to reduce eye fatigue
  • No fluorescent bulbs to change. Long life LED panels will last min 60 000 hours.