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Antistatic Wheels


Static Dissipating General Purpose Cleaner

Product #137


Stat-Clean is specifically designed for use in maintenance programs whose goal is to reduce static electricity buildup and increase the conductivity of surfaces in areas where sensitive electronic components are being used or manufactured. Regular cleaner and detergent compounds destroy the static dissipating properties of highly specialized conductive floor finishes like Stat- Coat, rendering static control maintenance programs ineffective. Stat-Clean removes dirt and soil while maintaining or increasing the conductivity of Stat-Coat, Stat-Buff or Stat-Seal. This product is equally effective on vinyl, vinyl-asbestos, rubber, linoleum, ceramic, and concrete surfaces. Environmentally safe, it is noncorrosive, nonflammable, and biodegradable.


Floor Surfaces should be swept prior to washing to remove loose dirt and soil. For use in daily or frequent damp mopping, use a dilute solution of 8-10 ounces of Stat-Clean per gallon of warm water. Mop the floor lightly and allow it to dry. Do not rinse. For heavier soil conditions, sweep or vacuum the floor to remove loose soil or dirt. Dilute 12 - 16 ounces of cleaner per gallon of warm water and use as a mopping solution. After cleaning, the floor may be spray buffed with Stat-Buff or recoated with Stat-Coat. Do not use plain water or regular all purpose cleaners for maintaining conductive finishes.


Active Ingredients Anti-static and quaternary compounds
Electrostatic Decay Time 0.1 Seconds
pH 11 ± 0.5
Gloss 60° 80+ @ 3 Coats
Free Ammonia None
Free Alkali None
Free Acid None
Phosphates None
Abrasives None
Drying Time 30 - 45 minutes
Color Light Green
Odor Mild Detergent
Solubility in Water 100%
Freeze/Thaw Stability Minimum 3 cycles
Shelf Life 1 year minimum at room temperature
Flash Point >220 °F
Weight Per Gallon 8.3
Biodegradable Yes
Soil Suspension Good


Health 1
Flammability 0
Reactivity 0
Personal Protection B

CAUTION: May cause irritation in undiluted concentrations. If ingested, give vinegar, lemon or orange juice. Follow with olive oil. Do Not Induce Vomiting. If external contact, flood with water. In the event of eye contact, wash with plenty of clean water. Contact a physician immediately. Contains Diethylene Glycol Methyl Ether #111-77-3. For complete information consult MSDS sheet.

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