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Antistatic Wheels

Triple fan can do more
Featuring excellent ion balance and the fastest static elimination
Ion balance ±5V, Powerful three fans promise a uniquely wide static-free area

Complete with most advanced functions

  • Highly reliable piezoelectric transformer system provides stable ion balance.
  • Its new electrode-unit plate with capacity coupling mechanism realizes maximally stable ion balance ±5V.
  • The fan speed can be controlled by the step-less adjustment dial. Silent (53dB at max. fan blow).
  • Triple 120 mm square high-power DC fans with two straight blowing front covers and ion diffusion front covers efficiently deliver ionized air to the target area.
  • Equipped with a DC 24V / 300mA extra outlet

Operating switches and LED indicators on the top

  • Clean power supply indicator and warning LED lamps

Designed for safety and easy maintenance

  • With 24V power supply, possibility of electric leakage or interference on other devices is kept minimum.
  • LED light warns and protects against abnormally high voltage and fan stoppage. These warnings cad also be transmitted to external devices.
  • The protective cove opens and closes with one touch making it easy to access the internal parts. The power will automatically be turned off when the front cover is opened.
  • Needle electrode units can be easily detached for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Technical Specification

Model 3F-12
Ion generation method High voltage DC corona discharge
Output voltage AC2.4kV
Input voltage DC24V ± 5%
Power consumption 1200mA (max.)
Dimensions H182×W910×D100 mm (including the stand)
Weight 5.3 kg
Maximum fan speed 3.4 m3/min (measured 1 m from device at max. airflow)
Noise emission 53dB(B) Max. fan speed (Measured at 1m)
Ozone generation 0.05ppm or less (Measured at 50mm)
Working ambient Temperature/humidity 5 - 40 °C / 35 - 65%RH (No dewing)
Distance from target area 150 - 900mm
Accessories Adapter No. AD24-IT19
Straight Blower Fron Cover
Ion Diffusion Front Cover
Decay time Refer to the items in the performance chart
Ion balance Within ±5V (At 300mm)

Static erasing performance

Ion balance: Within ±5 V; Decay time: 1.8 sec or less

Static erasing area


Power Supply Transformer
Input: 100 to 240 VAC, 1.2 A
Output: 24 VDC, 1.9 A
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