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Antistatic Wheels

The Cross-Flow Fan
An ionizer with the best performance in its class.
Featuring excellent ion balance and the fastest static elimination
Newly developed: VESSEL ionizing blower with Cross-Flow Fan and capacity-coupled needle electrode units provide high-speed static removal.

Fully-loaded with advanced features

  • Newly developed capacity-coupled electrode needles provide excellent ion balance and high-speed static elimination.
  • Highly reliable piezoelectric AC pulse system guarantees optimum ion balance.
  • Compact and space-saving design makes it perfect for attachment to cell production workbenches.
  • LED meter displays the operating fan speed, which can be fine-tuned by the continuously variable control screw.

Designed for maximum safety and ease of maintenance

  • Its low-voltage 24V DC power supply minimizes electrical leakage and interference with nearby devices.
  • An easy to attach and remove front cover. (The front cover is fixed to the unit with shipping screws prior to use.)
  • The unit automatically turns the power off when the front cover is removed.
  • The electrode needle unit can be detached together with its front cover allows for easier maintenance. This allows the user to clean the electrode needles without contaminating the work environment.
  • Warning LED indicator notifies you when the fan stops or abnormally high voltage is detected.
  • This unit incorporates an accumulative operation timer. It notifies the user for regular needle cleaning every 200 hours. (The timer function can be turned off.)

Installing CF-30 to the top of the cell production workbench to ensure a static-free work space

Installing CF-30 to the machinery to remove unwanted static charge from parts and work pieces in production.

Technical Specification

Model CF-30
Ion generation method High voltage DC corona discharge
Applied voltage 3.5 kVAC
Input voltage DC24V ± 5% 600 mA (max)
Dimensions H130×W310×D150 mm : stand included
Weight 2.1 kg
Fan speed 1.583/min (at max. ariflow)
Noise emission 51.2 dBA (measured 1 m from device at max. airflow)
Ozone generation Less than 0.05ppm (Measured at 50mm)
Working ambient Temperature/humidity 0 - 40 °C / 35 - 65%RH (No dewing/freezing)
Distance from target area 150 - 900mm
Decay time Please refer to the performance chart
Ion balance Within ±5V (Measured before shipping, Measured distance: 300mm)
Alert warnings High voltage stoppage(Red LED) Fan lock stoppage (All fan-speed LEDs blink)
Protective functions Monitoring function against fan stoppage Automatic shutoff against abnormally high voltage Automatic shutoff when the front cover is removed Cleaning timer function
Accessories Transformer AD24-ITCF
Replacement unit Front cover w/electrode needles (CF-30H), Filter (CF-30F)

Static erasing performance

Ion balance: Within ±5 V; Decay time: 1.4 sec or less

Static erasing area


Power Supply Transformer
Input: 100 to 240 VAC, 1.2 A
Output: 24 VDC, 1.5A
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