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Antistatic Wheels

INTELLIGENT STATIC ERASER, Ion Balance Sensor, Fan type
Integrated sensor and static erasing fan type
Combination of an ultra-small piezo element with microcomputer control produces the best performance in its class.


  • Highly reliable piezoelectric transformer AC method.
  • Because the innovative round disk-type discharge plate adopt a capacity coupling method, it can prevent the disruption of ion balance and, therefore, is ideal for the removal of electricity from electronic devices sensitive to static electricity.
  • Cleaning and replacement of the discharge plate are easy.
  • Equipped with a warning lamp that indicates troubles such as high pressure and fan stoppage.
  • 100-hour cumulative timer that displays and informs the need for cleaning the discharge plate. (Power indication light blinks.)

Operation panel allows for centralized control

Pursuing safety and easy maintenance

  • Uses 24V low-voltage wiring, so there are little current leaks or negative impact on peripheral components.
  • First in industry. High luminance LED lighting allows dirty discharge needles to be recognized visually.
  • Front guard can be opened and closed with one touch. Comes with a limiter switch that turns off the power when opened.
  • The needle electrode unit can be removed using a simple operation that just pops it out.
  • Built-in function for monitoring fan stoppage and high voltage stoppage. External output of the warning signal is also possible.
  • Passed the CE low-voltage order/EMC order. This static eraser unit has low noise characteristics and very little impact on other components.

Technical Specification

Ion generation method High voltage DC corona discharge
Output voltage DC4.0kV - 8.0kV
Input voltage DC24V ± 5% 340mmA (TYP.)
Dimensions H193×W129×D76 (H204.5×W140.5×D80 Includding stand) mm
Weight 980g
Fan speed 1.8m3/min (Max. Fan Speed Catalog value)
Noise emission HI:52dB, MID:46dB, LO:37dB (A, Measured at 1m)
Ozone generation 0.05ppm or less (Measured at 50mm)
Working ambient Temperature/humidity 0 - 60 °C / 35 - 65%RH (No dewing)
Distance from target area 150 - 900mm (Installation location: Non-dangerous indoor location)
Static electricity removal time Reter to the items in the capabilities chart.
Ion balance Within ±5V (At 300mm)
Accessories Adapter No.AD24-IT-EX
Consumables Wire plate : SF-9H Filter : SF-9F
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