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Bokar-Tokoma Aerobics Screwdrivers enable you to remove even DAMAGED SCREWS with ease and speed. This HIGHEST QUALITY Newest Drivers perform just like a Philips head screwdrivers but can remove all types of screws, even the ones which are damaged and/or seized.

Bokar-Tokoma Aerobics-2, as our Aerobics Screwdrivers use a specially designed tips which are uniquely sharpened. The tips utilize 2 wings instead of the usual 4 wings to transfer the force to the screw.

  • Bokar-Tokoma Tip, is named ALTER-PLUS, because it can drive even the Damaged Screws into hard materials.
  • The Aerobics drivers are constructed using a high strength CR-V alloy steel which has been Hard Chrome Plated for long term durability and high Performance.
  • The Ball type handle enables Heavy Duty Work.
  • Rubber Touch, Newly Designed Ribbed Handle-Grip allows to work non-stop for several hours.
  • To provide superior Insulation, Poly-Carbonate insert is used in the Handle making Bokar-Tokoma Aerobics-2 the ideal Screwdriver for Electronic and Electrical Work.

ALTER-PLUS advantages

  • Enable to drive both new & Damaged Screws.
  • The Tip can drive or remove the screws with little of remaining slot.

Aerobics-2 for Slotted Screws Unique, patented shape for the flat screwdriver.

ALTER-MINUS can be made maintaining NEW SLOT for REMOVAL, instantly.

Put the Tip on Screw-Edge
After Hammered, New Slot Made with out Hurt

How to Order:

Picture Part Number Description Packing
ZAP1075 Phillips (+)#1-75 1-pc.
  ZAP1100 Phillips (+)#1-100 1-pc.
ZAP2100 Phillips (+)#2-100 1-pc.
  ZAP2150 Phillips (+)#2-150 1-pc.
ZAP3150 Phillips (+)#3-150 1-pc.
ZAS5075 Flat (-)5- 75 1-pc.
  ZAS5100 Flat (-)5- 100 1-pc.
ZAS6100 Flat (-)6-100 1-pc.
  ZAS6150 Flat (-)6-150 1-pc.
ZAS8150 Flat (-)8-150 1-pc.
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Order Now Part Number Description Price
ZAP3150 AEROBICS-2, Phillips (+)#3-150mm long
Qty1 +
ZAS5075 AEROBICS-2, Flat (-)5- 75mm long
Qty1 +
ZAS5100 AEROBICS-2, Flat (-)5- 100mm long
Qty1 +
ZAS6100 AEROBICS-2, Flat (-)6-100mm long
Qty1 +
ZAS6150 AEROBICS-2, Flat (-)6-150mm long
Qty1 +
ZAS8150 AEROBICS-2, Flat (-)8-150mm long
Qty1 +