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Antistatic Wheels

Prototyping Accessories

Replacement parts for the Professional Etching Kit:

416-AP Heavy Duty Air Pump
416-H Etchant Heater

Replacement parts/accessories for the Exposure Kit:

416-B Photo Resist Exposure Tube
416-T Transperency Film
416-RP Etch Resist Pen

Replacement parts for the Photofabrication Kit:

416-S Foam Brush

Other accessories:

416-G Rubber Gloves
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Professional Etching Kit
Economy Etching Kit
Exposure Kit
Photofabrication Kit


The MG Chemicals Prototyping Process

This product is a part of the MG Chemicals Prototyping Process. The following materials are required for the entire process:

> Transparency Paper
> Copper Clad Boards
> Exposure Kit
> Photofabrication Kit
> Etching Process Kit
> One of our etchants:
Ferric Chloride
Sodium Persulphate
Ammonium Persulphate


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