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Antistatic Wheels

Liquid Tin

Quickly tinplates copper circuits on PC boards in 5 minutes or less at room temperature.

  • Provides excellent solderability
  • Protects against oxidation
  • No mixing or dilution required
  • For commercial/industrial use only


Clean PC Board thoroughly. Pour Liquid Tin into an appropriate size pan constructed of polypropylene, polyethelene, or similar material. Do not use stainless steel. Immerse PC Board in the solution for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse with warm water and dry.

Part Number Mfr. Part # Sizes Available Description
MG-421-500ML 421-500ML 500ml (17 oz) Liquid
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The MG Chemicals Prototyping Process

This product is a part of the MG Chemicals Prototyping Process. The following materials are required for the entire process:

> Transparency Paper
> Copper Clad Boards
> Exposure Kit
> Photofabrication Kit
> Etching Process Kit
> One of our etchants:
Ferric Chloride
Sodium Persulphate
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MG-421-500ML LIQUID TIN, 17oz
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