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Antistatic Wheels

SDJ-14 EU (AC200V-240V)
SDJ-14 JPN (AC90V-128V)
Wide Fan Type (Windless Available on Application)

A Wide Electricity Removing Area

The front cover was designed taking into consideration the large amount of air blow by the cross-flow fan and the ion flow and provides a wide electricity removing area (600mm x 1200mm).

Fast Static Elimination

Powerful removal of electricity employing high voltage DC corona discharge. The needle electrode employs a multiple needle construction having 8 positive and negative needles each. The generation of many ions makes it difficult to collapse the ion balance.


  • Protection from dust collection, black stained.
  • In advance of Silk Printing process, Static elimination and Dusting out. Static Bustering and Dust Blowing over the Printcard.
  • Food containers and Cups, to prevent from non-stacking and poor printing.
  • Also avoiding static charging in various Films large sized LCD module.
  • Static elimination of Auto Bumper, Dashboard, Head Lamps, such large plastic moulded parts, and also for the procedures in prior to pre-painting and pre-coating.
  • Installed together with machines of Cutting and Shredding and or Paper and Plastic bags.

Technical Specification

Part Number SDJ-14JPN SDJ-14EU
Ion generation method High voltage DC corona discharge (8 positive and negative needles each.)
Applicable Standards PSE (Japan Product Safety Electrical Application and Materials) CE (EN61010-1, EN61000-6-4, 3-2, 3-3, 6-2), RoHS
Input voltage AC 90-128V AC 200-240V
Power consumption 150mA
Output voltage ±6.5 kV
Maximum air flow 3.3 m3/min (measured at 300mm in the front of unit)
Working temperature range / Working humidity range +5~+40°C / 35~65%RH (no dewing or freezing)
Dimension H225XW517XD260mm (with a stand)
Weight 8.5 kg 10.5 kg
Static Eliminating Time Check at Capacity Table of Static Elimination as shown below.
Ion balance within ± 30V (within ± 10V before shipping)
Distance from target area Approx. 300~1200mm
Ozone generation Less than 0.05ppm (Measured at 50mm in the front of unit)
Power cord length 1.8m
Optional Separately Sold Part Discharge Needle: SDJ-05RH (Stainless Steel)
Filter: SDJ-14F
Static Electricity Removal Capability
Static Electricity Removal Capability
Electricity Removal Area
Electricity Removal Area

Measure with TREK Model 158 (120x150mm 20pF) is used to measure the charge potential dampening time and the ion balance.
Top: Ion balance
Middle: Dampening time from +1000V to +100V
Bottom: Dampening time from -1000V to -100V
Specified 300m, 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm indicates the distance from Static Eraser to charge plate monitor.
0mm, 150mm, 300 indicates air blow width left and right.
Air Flow: Max, Temperature: 25 °C, Humidity: 50%

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