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Wall Mounted Wrist Strap and Footwear Tester with a wireless transmitter and a complete hardware set to install a strong (280 KG)  Magnetic Door Lock

Product Description:

The Wall Mounted Wrist Strap and Footwear Tester with a wireless transmitter  to open a magnetic Door Lock was designed to provide a convenient  alternative to assure presence of properly protected personnel in ESD safe areas.

     The AR-8DLWL-A Control Unit has a built-in transmitter which opens a Magnetic Door Lock supplied with the system allowing access to an ESD safe area.  The AR-8DLWL control unit can be pre-programmed to open the door lock  in one of three possible modes of operation:


Note: Wrist Strap not included with the System

AR-8 Wrist and Footwear Tester 


The complete system includes:

  • AWM-8DLWL-A   Wrist strap and Footwear Tester with lock activation transmitter

The above includes:

  • AR-8T  Wrist and Footwear Tester with 9V battery
  • AWM-WP - Wall mounted plate with test instructions
  • AWM- FP - Foot plate
  • A-FM9-0 - Zero ohms grounding wire
  • Wall mounted Exit Pushbutton P/N 32906
  • Cable to connect Exit Pushbutton with Power supply/Controller (10ft-3m) P/N 32881
  • Magnetic Door Lock (600Ib or 280Kg) P/N 32882
  • Set of mounting brackets (Z and L) to conveniently mount the magnetic lock P/N 32883
  • 12V DC power supply/controller to connect Exit pushbutton to the 120V power outlet P/N 32911
  • Cable to connect Magnetic Door Lock with the power supply (20ft-6m) P/N 32903
  • Key Chain transmitter (By-pass of the AWM-8DLWL tester if access needed in an emergency) P/N 32925
  • Installation Manual


3.jpg                                                       4.jpg                                              5.jpg                                      

  P/N 32906          P/N 32882 and P/N 32883             P/N 32911            P/N 32907(connecting cables set)      P/N 32925

Technical specifications

AR-8A (U.S.A. Parameters)

AR-8E (European Parameters)
For both wrist straps and foot wear

Wrist Straps

Foot wear

Pass Level

750 kohm-10 Mohm;
green light and audible tone

750 kohm-100 Mohm;
green light and audible tone

750 kohm-35 Mohm;
green light and audible tone

Low Fail

< 750 kohm;
yellow light no tone

< 750 kohm;
yellow light no tone

< 750 kohm;
yellow light no tone

High Fail

> 10 Mohm;
red light no tone

> 100 Mohm;
red light no tone

> 35 Mohm;
red light no tone

Instruction Manual

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AWM-8DLWL-KIT-A Wall mounted wrist strap and footwear test station with a Magnetic Lock and a complete hardware set. An easy and efficient control of proper protection worn by personnel in ESD protected areas. Best value. Digital, microprocessor controlled.
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