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AWM-8DLW-KIT-A  ESD Safe Personnel Entry Control System with Magnetic Lock Kit 



Wall mounted wrist strap and footwear test station with a solid state relay to switch the door lock and a complete hardware kit to install the ESD safe personnel entry control system.
We also carry out annual maintenance and calibration (Calibration turn-around time: two days after receiving the unit). We issue calibration certificates.

The complete system includes:

  • AWM-8ADL    Wrist strap and Footwear Tester with lock activation relay
  • 2 wire cable P/N 32880 to connect AWM-8ADL with the EXIT pushbutton (30 ft – 10m)
  • Wall mounted Entry Pushbutton with wall mounting screws P/N 32879
  • Magnetic Door Lock (600Ib or 280Kg) P/N 32882
  • Set of mounting brackets (Z and L) to conveniently mount the magnetic lock P/N 32883
  • Cable to connect Magnetic Door Lock with the EXIT pushbutton (10ft-3.3m) P/N 32881
  •  12V DC power supply to connect Exit pushbutton to the 120V power outlet P/N 32884
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AWM-8DLW-KIT-A Wall mounted wrist strap and footwear test station with the solid state relay to open the door lock when personnel tested OK. Supplied with a complete hardware kit for easy installation.
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