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SMT Surface Mount Transistors

SOT package is rectangular Surface Mount Transistor diode with three or more gull-wing leads. The leads are on the two length sides of the package. SOT packages are JEDEC compliant. Popular sizes are the SOT23, SOT143, SOT223 and SOT89. SOT components are available on plastic tape and reel.

Drawing Part Number Number
of Pins
Body Size
Body Leads
7" Reel
13" Reel
Drawing SC90-TR (Supermini) 3 1.6mm 1.6mm SC-75A 8mm 4mm 3,000  
Drawing SOT323-TR 3 2.0mm 2.1mm SC-70 8mm 4mm 3,000  
Drawing SOT325-TR 5 2.0mm 2.1mm SC-88A 8mm 4mm 3,000  
Drawing SOT326-TR 6 2.0mm 2.1mm SC-88 8mm 4mm 3,000  
Drawing SOT23-TR 3 2.9mm 2.4mm TO-236AB 8mm 4mm 3,000  
Drawing SOT25-TR 5 2.9mm 2.8mm SC-74A 8mm 4mm 3,000  
Drawing SOT26-TR 6 2.9mm 2.8mm SC-74 8mm 4mm 3,000  
Drawing SOT143-TR 4 2.9mm 2.5mm TO-253AA 8mm 4mm 3,000  
Drawing SOT89-TR 3 4.5mm 4.0mm SC-62
12mm 8mm 1,000  
Drawing SOT223-TR 3 6.5mm 7.0mm SC-73
12mm 8mm 1,000  
Drawing DPAK-TR   6.5mm 9.5mm SC-63
16mm 8mm 2,500
Drawing D2PAK-TR   10.0mm 15.2mm TO-263AB 24mm 12mm 800/1,000
  • Carrier pack is plastic for surface mount transistors.
  • TR = Tape and Reel.
  • Carrier tape is plastic.
SMT Dimensions
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